With the revising of our Bylaws, there are some new opportunities for residents to assist the BCA. Listed below are the volunteer positions currently open. For a full list of positions, click here. This is a preliminary outline and is subject to revision. If you are interested in volunteering, please CONTACT US HERE, email us at [email protected], or attend one of our monthly meetings.

Data Management Coordinator

● Manages the cloud based document repository of the Association (Google Drive)
● Oversees access to said repository.
● Trains relevant Board member on use of the repository.
● Manage membership and contact information rosters including email to ensure they are up-to-date.

Area Representative Coordinator

● Attends BCA meetings and serves as a channel of communication between area representatives and the Board of Directors.
● The Area Representative Coordinator shall maintain the Area Representatives roster and fill vacancies as they occur by advertising them in all Association media.
● Maintains a roster of alternate representatives.

Area Representatives

● Distribute the BCA Newsletter to all the homes in their Area. Finds a substitute if unable to deliver newsletters in any month or contacts Newsletter Distribution coordinator if unsuccessful.
● Collect annual dues and submits them to their Dues Collection Coordinator by the annual deadline set by the Association.
● Pass on concerns of residents in their area to the Area Representative Coordinator
● Attends Board and Membership Meetings to be informed on issues relevant to them and explain their constituents concerns. (recommended but not required)
● Welcomes new residents in their area, Area Representatives are voting members of the Board of Directors. (recommended but not required)
● Assists the Area Representative Coordinator with recruitment of a replacement when no longer wishing to serve.

Events and Recreation Coordinator

● Attends all BCA meetings.
● Prepares and presents a draft of the Annual Events Calendar for revision by officers at the planning meeting of the Executive Committee.
● Presents a revised draft of the Annual Events Calendar for input from the Board and residents at the first Board meeting of the fiscal year and calls for Event Chairperson volunteers.
● Recruits Event Chairpersons for positions still vacant through Association Media, email and networking.

Community Infrastructure Coordinator

● Coordinates maintenance of landscaping of entrances.
● Advocates for upkeep and improvement of roads, signage and drainage.
● Oversees planting and maintenance of entrance planters.
● Attends BCA meetings to relay issues, participate in resolution.

Membership and Dues Committee Chair

● Attends all BCA meetings to lead recruitment initiatives.
● Recruits volunteers to promote membership and provide information on the BCA at BCA events.
● Coordinates preparation of annual membership dues collection with assistance of the Treasurer.
● Update and print Membership Rosters for all areas.
● Order Membership Cards and return envelopes
● Update instructions for dues collection process.
● Assemble dues collection packets
● Deliver dues collection packets to the Newsletter Distribution Coordinator for subsequent delivery to all Area Representatives.
● Receive completed Membership Rosters and collected dues from Dues Collection Coordinators.
● Enter collection data into the master Dues Collection Roster.
● Compile total membership received and percentage of participation for each area with grand totals for the Association.
● Deliver collected dues and completed Membership Rosters to the Treasurer for filing and deposit.
● Deliver one copy of the Membership Roster to the Historian for the BCA files

Volunteer Coordinator

● Attends all BCA meetings.
● Track individuals who wish to volunteer with the assistance of the Welcome Committee chair.
● Ensure individuals are assigned appropriate roles.
● Assign simple tasks to initiate volunteers with limited availability.
● Organize yearly volunteer drive.